Monday, August 31, 2009

30 August 2009

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Birthday wish for another Virgo friend. A very close friend of mine. A thoracic surgeon by profession and presently in London. He was the first Virgo friend I've known. We met online four years ago and still remain friends until now. Out of many chatting friends, he is the only one who always say hello to me wherever he may go. The rest has gone with the wind. He is the most humble man I've ever met and so proud of his motherland, Pakistan. He is happily married to a doctor and have two kids. Yeah... good man always taken but I consider myself very lucky to have him as my confidante.

We never met in person though. To be honest, no love strings between us. Hard to believe but that's it. We love our presence of friendship and the companionship that we offer to each other. Perhaps what we love is the comfort that we have while we are talking.

I rang him early in the morning. The best part is, I was the first one to wish him and the worst part is, that was my first birthday wish to him as I forgot his birthday every year. He either. But that's the way we are.

Happy birthday.
Hey, your life has just begun so live it to the fullest.
May Allah bless you always and answer all your prayers.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Setelah Dua Belas Purnama

Sempena sambutan birthday Zahraa yang pertama pada 9 Ogos 2009. Dia lahir pada 5 Ogos 2008. Setahun sudah berlalu terasa begitu pantas masa bergerak. Seakan masih baru lagi ketika kali pertama kami menatap wajah mulusnya.

Hari pertama Zahraa lahir ke dunia...

Birthday cake Zahraa yang sungguh comel...

Zahraa terpinga-pinga bila semua orang mengelilingi dia dan nyanyikan lagu untuk dia. Makcik Zahraa yang sorang tu tetiba rasa syahdu pulak tengok Zahraa masa tu. Yang pastinya makciknya tu bukan aku hehehehe

Zahraa masih hairan dan pelik kenapa semua orang menyanyi...

Makan kek. Dia sudah mula bercakap. Paling dia suka sebut "betul betul betul" dan "apa tu?". Ada sorang makcik dia tu happy sesangat bila Zahraa dah pandai sebut "halah halah" sebab itu tagline makciknya tu bila dia timang Zahraa. Emo betul makcik Zahraa tu! *bukan aku jugak hehehe

Nenek sebelah ibu Zahraa bersama cucu-cucunya...

Makanan penuh dalam mulut Zahraa...

Zahraa suapkan kek ke mulut makciknya yang suka emo tu hehehe

Bersama atok sebelah ibu Zahraa... Atoknya yang masakkan mee rebus untuk majlis hari tu. Memang sedap!

Post party - rajin pulak anak dara ni lap pinggan...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Love Note On First of Ramadhan

"I am so happy, I feel complete. You are the piece of the puzzle that was missing in me. I didn't know what would fill that void, but I know now that it was always you. We've become such good friends, I trust you, and I care about you so much and I know that you feel the same way. It is so wonderful to know that you love me as much as I love you babe. I feel so overwhelmed with emotion that I'm speechless. I really am speechless. I just want you to know that I love you so much. Thinking of how much you love me brings me such comfort when I'm not feeling so great. Everything seems so right these days; everything makes sense. Thank you, my sweet angel. I love you..."

Am speechless too !
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